PHP-Nuke TeamSpeak Pack.

Here i present my Teamspeak solution for PHP-Nuke and others.
The TeamSpeak Block can be configurated in a wide range.
Public and Clan Servers are both supported.
Anonymous and logged on Members only is supported as well.
There is no need for the Webpost scripts at all as this is a stand alone solution!

In the package is also a module to post a clickable link in your TeamSpeak Client
Window whenever a new topic or answer is posted in your phpBB Forums!
The clickable link includes the posters name and the topic title ;-)

What you see here (as soon you have entered your Teamspeak Server IP-Adress and click go)
are just working samples as i do not have PHP-Nuke running here ;-)
The Teamspeak Block fully supports your Theme settings so nothing has to be done at this part ;-)
The Autorefresh Feature can be turned on and off. The interval is configurated at ~60 seconds.

The first Block shows: no Guests, Collapse Feature enabled, Clan Server
The second Block shows: Guests allowed, Collapse Feature disabled, Public Server
The last Block shows: Guest allawed, Collapse Feature enabled, Public Server
actually there should be one more block showing joining a Clan Server
but i think nobody would like to enter server passwords here :-))
but it is supported with Guests and logged on Users only as well ;-)

Just enter your TeamSpeak Server IP below and you can try the Functions with your own Server :-)
Here i use the standard ports but the ports are fully configurable.
TeamSpeak Server IP:
1. Voice Chat
TeamSpeak Server
© Anand Rajiva
2. Voice Chat
TeamSpeak Server
© Anand Rajiva
3. Voice Chat
TeamSpeak Server
© Anand Rajiva

This is not free software and it is not allowed to copy the package freely,
but i decided to make a kind of donation ware out of it. So please be fair and do not copy the package!
To get this full package donate what ever you think this package is worth to you
and i will send you the package by email (do not forget to tell ;-)

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